Your ticket to St. Gallen is a seminar with us

The University of St. Gallen only admits students who pass its entrance exam.

With thorough preparation and advance planning, you stand a good chance of passing this test with success. You may choose to prepare by yourself. Alternatively, you can enrol for a preparation seminar with us.

Our experts have a long track record in coaching for these tests. They know the pitfalls, tricks and traps associated with these types of tests. They ensure that you are able to perform to the best of your abilities and beyond under mental as well as time pressure. The mental pressure brought to bear on candidates while taking the St. Gallen aptitude test is high. There are large numbers of applicants sitting the exam, complex questions to answer with too little time to solve them all. So what you need is a strategy.

We are here to deliver your strategy. The seminar begins with an aptitude test to be completed under mock exam conditions. It will show how you cope and enable you to concentrate on what really matters: efficient learning, an exchange of views with your contemporaries, progress monitoring and a direct rapport with your seminar instructor. Our experts will continue to guide you in all matters relating to the tests once you have completed the seminar. Your success is our success!

Our thorough coaching gives you the edge on the other contestants with the added benefit of not wasting time on unspecific preparation.

Improve your chances with our preparation seminar.

TAT – How we make that difference

Our HSG preparation seminars are divided into three parts: a trial option (half day), the main seminar and our planned coaching schedule up to the exam itself.

This course structure is the result of many years of experience with testing. We pride ourselves on the fact that we support our candidates right up to the point when they actually sit down to take the test. The preparation course balances individual practice and revision sessions with professional supervision and learning success monitoring.

We want you to take the test with plenty of confidence!

Our preparation seminar for the entrance exam to the University of St. Gallen

1. It is started with a test

On day one of the seminar (morning), you will be given a thorough and detailed introduction into the aptitude test. This will be followed by a mock test in a simulated test environment not unlike that of the written HSG entrance exam.